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Svensk WapenCD“Svensk WapenCD” (Swedish Coats of Arms CD) is patterned after the 19th century original work by August Wilhelm Stjernstedt and Carl Arvid Klingspor. This book has been converted to digital media by Jonas Hjelm and Olle E. Johansson.

A.W. Stjernstedt (1812-1880) made the coats of arms for the higher nobility and C.A. Klingspor (1829-1903) made all of the lesser nobility’s coats of arms.

Please take a look at the alphabetical register of the 2885 coat of arms (2339 nobleman, 404 freemen and 142 earls).

Some samples are: the family of earls 1. Brahe, the family of freemen 1. Oxenstierna and the noble family of 1. Liljehök af Fårdala. Screen shots from the CD and some samples of how coats of arms can be used in ancestry charts using the miniature versions of coats of arms on the CD.

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